various ways of making money online/internet

Let's do a reality check today! Do you have job security? Are you sure you will still be employed come morning? Then what about a week from now? Or a month from now?
No job is totally secure right now and that is the truth of the matter. So take action now and find out real ways of making money online.

Numerous ways of making money on the Internet exist, such as network marketing, affiliate marketing, selling domain names, and affiliate sales. All of these can create a flow of cash gradually. But are you in a hurry like the rest of us and want to make money quickly. Are you wondering how though?

Well, there is one thing that people will look for, search for, pay for and seek out no matter what the economy is like. No, I am not talking about pornography (although THAT industry IS booming!).I am talking about information. Pure, simple, informative, CLEAN information will sell when nothing else does.
This is fairly simple to do, just compose some articles on something you have some knowledge about. The take the articles and create a website around them, and you have your starting point. Replace your articles with updated versions from time to time to keep your web visitors coming back for more.

To bring folks to your site, offer them a free preview or report in exchange for their contact information. Now you have them in what we call the "sales funnel". Very simply stated, you offer up a small token for free, and then work the prospect down through the funnel towards your high-end product. This is where you make the real money as the end product is original and belongs to you entirely, so you keep all the profits.
You could always choose to sell on Ebay or on Craigslist to make your cash. But this requires more work by you in the way of taking pictures and listing everything. You also have fees to do most of these. You will have to have a larger quantity in sales just to come out even. But are we just looking for breaking even? No we want profit!

You could start a web site that sells other people's products. This is the basis if affiliate marketing and works fairly well. The only thing is that you only make a portion of the sale and you did all the work! Maybe the commission was 40% or 50%, but you could be making 100% if you are selling your own information product. So give yourself a raise, folks, and create something.
People selling their versions of an information product is quickly becoming the best way to make some real money online. People everywhere are constantly looking for information on something. Want some proof? You only have to look at all the searching that is done on MSN, Google, and Yahoo, and also all the less prominent search engine such as HotBot, Alta Vista, and many other ones.
Information is in demand, so give the people what they want and they will happily pay you for it. Some will pay you very well for it. Very well indeed!.

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