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There are thousands of email newsletters online, spanning almost every conceivable interest. 
But very few of them make any significant money. In fact, most of them don't even make their publishers a "minimum wage" income. 
If you are going to build a profitable affiliate income, one of the key components is creating and running a profitable newsletter. That's where the real dollars will come from. 
Here are some keys to starting and running your newsletter profitably: 
1. Stick to your niche. 
 If you want to have a profitable newsletter, make sure the articles are of interest to that particular niche. If your niche is scuba divers, don't publish articles on web marketing. 
2. Write articles yourself. 
The real goal of the affiliate site is to build your own reputation and expertise. If all you do is run other people's articles, you are building THEIR reputation, not yours. Sure, you can occasionally run an article by someone else, but you need to write the introduction to that article yourself, explaining why you chose to run someone else's artice. 
What if you can't write? 
There are people who will "ghost" write for you--meaning they do the writing but you get to take the credit. If you set up an ongoing relationship with one of these writers they will often write a weekly 200-300 word article for you for $20-60. 
3. Publish AT LEAST Bi-Weekly, but NO MORE than weekly. 
People WANT to hear from you--but not more than about once per week! If they don't hear from you a couple times a month, they will forget you. 
4. Make most of your articles short. 
A good length for articles is 150-750 words. Longer ones can be broken up into a series of 2 or 3 articles. 
5. Focus on one product/offer per month. 
Each month choose an affiliate product you wish to promote for that month. Focus that month's articles on topics related to that particular product. Then... 
5. One week send out a personal recommendation to your list. 
Once you have focused your reader's attention, send out a personal recommendation for the product. Try to give them an incentive to visit the site--either pique their curiosity or reward them with a special bonus just for visiting. 
Following these five steps can create a growing affiliate income from your newsletter. 

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RSS feeds have been the talk of the Internet community for the past ten years. Many web editors and online marketers are using this application to rapidly syndicate news around the world. RSS feeds not only allows you to quickly browse through current news on the internet, but it can also give you enough flexibility in reading what you want online in a short period of time. As a result of this unique application, many web entrepreneurs are discovering ways to make money with rss feeds and content.

Before you can ever get started with knowing how to make money with RSS feeds, you have to first know what RSS is. The term RSS means “really simple syndication”. In simpler terms, you can describe an RSS document or “feed” as a snippet or snapshot of content on a particular web page or blog. This content is then syndicated throughout the World Wide Web as an RSS and visitors can subscribe to these feeds and place it as a bookmark on their personal pages. This is a good way for subscribers to know if there is fresh content on some of their favorite sites. However, some marketers use this application to generate changing content on their pages to make money with rss feeds as an affiliate marketer.

The most effective way to make money with rss feeds is by creating a blog. Any blog service you use should already be set up with a working RSS feed application. If you currently maintain a blog of your own, you can utilize the power of blogs to create and syndicate content across the internet for the sole purpose making profits. Many web marketers do this is by writing frequent blog post about various affiliate products or services of their own. The next step is to submit your blog to an RSS feed submitter site or directory to increase the chances that people subscribe to your RSS feed. Making money with rss feeds can be easily done when using blogs.

There is another method some internet marketers use to make money with rss feeds. Some individuals use rss feeds to convert their website pages from being dynamic to becoming static pages. Static pages are the web pages that are frequently updated with new and fresh content. Search engines, like Google and Yahoo, love to spider these changing sites and rank them well in the search engines. Blogs are an example of static pages. However, some marketers add rss feeds to dynamic pages to trick the search engines into thinking the particular site is being constantly updated with fresh content but in actually, it is borrowed content. On these sites, in particular, the owner uses adsense ads or affiliate links to make money with rss feeds.

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I got this e-book (Starting an Online Business for dummies) online, and i feel that it might be helpful to those looking for ways to start online internet business and make money online. 

download Links:

Rapid share
deposit files

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Why You May Want to Check Out

One of the most frustrating things when you are just starting out as a freelance writer is landing that first client, completing that first job and seeing funds hit your PayPal account (ie, getting paid).
Once you experience actually getting paid for your work as a freelance writer, you feel official -- it’s like, “Yeah, I CAN make a living doing this!” It’s an amazing feeling. Sites like DailyArticle can make you “official” long before you land repeat, specific clients. They can even lead to repeat clients.

How Works:

The site works very similar to Constant-Content and you get a better rate for your articles.
They accept just about everything, but unlike Constant-Content the articles are for ALL rights, not just USAGE or UNIQUE rights. That turns off some writers.”
What is this Usage and Unique rights? There are many different kinds of rights associated with freelance writing. In this case, what it basically means is that you sell all rights to the article when you post it to DailyArticle. Following is their official copyright policy.
“Upon verified purchase, full rights to the materials purchased are transferred to the purchaser. Upon purchase, the purchaser has the right to use the content in any way, including but not limited to publishing, distributing, reproducing, and amending the materials to suit the purchaser's needs. The content becomes the intellectual property of the purchaser.” [].

Freelance Writers Can Get Paid Even When There are No “Clients”
DailyArticle and sites like it (eg,, are places for freelance writers to still get paid even when there are no “clients.” And, many times these can lead to more lucrative assignments? How?
Let’s say your specialty is insurance and you write a lot of insurance articles. Once a purchaser gets to know your work (your articles), they may request your services outside of the site. This is how relationships are born -- and freelance writing careers start.
So mosey on over to While you’re sitting around waiting for “real clients,” you can start feeling official as a freelance writer before you even land your first one.

My Opinion:
I think sites like are great for newbies who want to get their feet wet and experience what it feels like to actually sell something.

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There are quite a few ways to make money on the Internet these days but, I advocate that beginners start by joining sites that do not require you ro lay out any cash. After you have built up some money strictly from free sites then you can use that money to buy into something bigger out there that interests you but, even then do your research first. Be very careful of scams and remember the rule, "If it sounds too good to be true, it's probably a scam."

 order to make any decent money from these simple sites you will need to join multiple sites and different types of sites. Here are the various types of sites that you can join and start earning money.

1. Survey Sites : Remember, only join FREE survey sites. Never lay out cash to join any site that promises to send you more and better paying surveys. The more survey sites you join, the more paying surveys you will receive in your email box.Surveys are usually a good place to start earning money. The only downfall I have found is that you have to respond to the survey invites very quick or you will find that the survey has been closed.

2. Paid To Read Email : These are generally emails you will receive that contain a link for you to click and view a site or some where you will be paid to sign up for something. Once again , do not sign up for things that require you to pay. Stick to offers that pay you to join. Usually they are company newsletters and those sort of things. You can always opt out when you get tired of receiving newsletters.

3. Paid Per Click (PPC) : This is a slight variation of the above. You will be required to sign into a website and view adds for various businesses. 

4. Freelance Writing: These are writing jobs that you are paid for such as content articles or product reviews.

5. Sell Stock Photography : This is not a big moneymaker at all but, if your hobby happens to be photography and you love taking photos then I'd say, give it a try.

6. Affiliate Marketing Jobs : This is all about advertising and selling other peoples products through the Internet.

7. Blogging : Starting a blog is not all that hard to do at all. The money then comes from either placing advertisements on your blog or Pay Per Post , where you are paid to post about a product or service. If one were to combine blog content with the above mentioned affiliate marketing you can bring in even more money. 

8. Auction Sites : you will need to have a product to sell but some very serious money is being made on well known auction sites every day.

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Social Networking - it's big on the Internet, and within blogging, but do the well known websites fit your personal needs? Are they too big, too impersonal, too varied on subject matter etc. etc.?

Yes, it's always easy to find fault, even with something as potent as Social Networking.

But what if you could start your own Social Network, based on any niche or theme that you wanted. And better still what if it could be as big or as small as you wished and could be private or public. That would be pretty good wouldn't it?

Think of the potential of forming a group of like minded people - and yes, the money making possibilities as well.

Well all of this is possible with a website called ning . A good example of a recently set up social network on Ning is Matt Jones's BlogLight.ning which he has set up for bloggers.

The interesting feature about Ning itself is that it is believed to be the only online service where you can create, customize, and share your own Social Network for free in seconds.

There are already thousands of different social networks created on Ning. You can see a list by click here . The choice of niches is vast. I saw networks set up as varied as those for BMW Geeks, Viet Music Fans, Blog Writers, Film Makers, Hypnotists etc. etc.

Such networks could dovetail nicely with lots of different blog niches.

There is more info about Ning on their Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Writing a movie review can be very simple, A good movie review has a few key elements and they are listed below.

1. Who are the actors and their characters?
2. Who produced or directed the movie?
3. Was it exciting?
4. How believable was the action, dialogue, “romance” etc?
5. How good or bad was the acting?
6. If special effects were used, were they impressive?
7. Were the setting and costumes real?
8. Who would be the suitable viewers of this movie?
9. Did the movie have an effective or moving soundtrack?
10. What is your opinion of the film? (if you say the movie was bad, then prove it.).

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Make money reviewing movies at EXPO tv

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How to Make Great Movie Reviews for ExpoTV
You all know ExpoTV - here's how to create quality movie reviews for this, and other video-posting sites.

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Whether you're interested in writing movie reviews for profit or just for fun, it's not too tough. Just follow a few steps to make your feelings on the latests flicks known.
After you have selected your movie, get familiar with its context. By this I mean, before you even see the movie, get to know a little about it. What have the actors and director worked on before? Maybe check out some of their past work. Are they Oscar winners? Are they known for a certain style? Is the movie based on a book or an historical event? Is it a remake or a sequel? Look into those kind of things. All of this information will help you understand the movie better. You'll pick up on details, allusions, trademarks of the actor or director, and probably have more insight into important story elements. You'll be able to tell readers how it lived up to the original, say, or the book. These are the things that help a critic offer a solid opinion that is of interest to the fan. Read more

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