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There are thousands of email newsletters online, spanning almost every conceivable interest. 
But very few of them make any significant money. In fact, most of them don't even make their publishers a "minimum wage" income. 
If you are going to build a profitable affiliate income, one of the key components is creating and running a profitable newsletter. That's where the real dollars will come from. 
Here are some keys to starting and running your newsletter profitably: 
1. Stick to your niche. 
 If you want to have a profitable newsletter, make sure the articles are of interest to that particular niche. If your niche is scuba divers, don't publish articles on web marketing. 
2. Write articles yourself. 
The real goal of the affiliate site is to build your own reputation and expertise. If all you do is run other people's articles, you are building THEIR reputation, not yours. Sure, you can occasionally run an article by someone else, but you need to write the introduction to that article yourself, explaining why you chose to run someone else's artice. 
What if you can't write? 
There are people who will "ghost" write for you--meaning they do the writing but you get to take the credit. If you set up an ongoing relationship with one of these writers they will often write a weekly 200-300 word article for you for $20-60. 
3. Publish AT LEAST Bi-Weekly, but NO MORE than weekly. 
People WANT to hear from you--but not more than about once per week! If they don't hear from you a couple times a month, they will forget you. 
4. Make most of your articles short. 
A good length for articles is 150-750 words. Longer ones can be broken up into a series of 2 or 3 articles. 
5. Focus on one product/offer per month. 
Each month choose an affiliate product you wish to promote for that month. Focus that month's articles on topics related to that particular product. Then... 
5. One week send out a personal recommendation to your list. 
Once you have focused your reader's attention, send out a personal recommendation for the product. Try to give them an incentive to visit the site--either pique their curiosity or reward them with a special bonus just for visiting. 
Following these five steps can create a growing affiliate income from your newsletter. 

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