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Social Networking - it's big on the Internet, and within blogging, but do the well known websites fit your personal needs? Are they too big, too impersonal, too varied on subject matter etc. etc.?

Yes, it's always easy to find fault, even with something as potent as Social Networking.

But what if you could start your own Social Network, based on any niche or theme that you wanted. And better still what if it could be as big or as small as you wished and could be private or public. That would be pretty good wouldn't it?

Think of the potential of forming a group of like minded people - and yes, the money making possibilities as well.

Well all of this is possible with a website called ning . A good example of a recently set up social network on Ning is Matt Jones's BlogLight.ning which he has set up for bloggers.

The interesting feature about Ning itself is that it is believed to be the only online service where you can create, customize, and share your own Social Network for free in seconds.

There are already thousands of different social networks created on Ning. You can see a list by click here . The choice of niches is vast. I saw networks set up as varied as those for BMW Geeks, Viet Music Fans, Blog Writers, Film Makers, Hypnotists etc. etc.

Such networks could dovetail nicely with lots of different blog niches.

There is more info about Ning on their Frequently Asked Questions page.

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