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There are quite a few ways to make money on the Internet these days but, I advocate that beginners start by joining sites that do not require you ro lay out any cash. After you have built up some money strictly from free sites then you can use that money to buy into something bigger out there that interests you but, even then do your research first. Be very careful of scams and remember the rule, "If it sounds too good to be true, it's probably a scam."

 order to make any decent money from these simple sites you will need to join multiple sites and different types of sites. Here are the various types of sites that you can join and start earning money.

1. Survey Sites : Remember, only join FREE survey sites. Never lay out cash to join any site that promises to send you more and better paying surveys. The more survey sites you join, the more paying surveys you will receive in your email box.Surveys are usually a good place to start earning money. The only downfall I have found is that you have to respond to the survey invites very quick or you will find that the survey has been closed.

2. Paid To Read Email : These are generally emails you will receive that contain a link for you to click and view a site or some where you will be paid to sign up for something. Once again , do not sign up for things that require you to pay. Stick to offers that pay you to join. Usually they are company newsletters and those sort of things. You can always opt out when you get tired of receiving newsletters.

3. Paid Per Click (PPC) : This is a slight variation of the above. You will be required to sign into a website and view adds for various businesses. 

4. Freelance Writing: These are writing jobs that you are paid for such as content articles or product reviews.

5. Sell Stock Photography : This is not a big moneymaker at all but, if your hobby happens to be photography and you love taking photos then I'd say, give it a try.

6. Affiliate Marketing Jobs : This is all about advertising and selling other peoples products through the Internet.

7. Blogging : Starting a blog is not all that hard to do at all. The money then comes from either placing advertisements on your blog or Pay Per Post , where you are paid to post about a product or service. If one were to combine blog content with the above mentioned affiliate marketing you can bring in even more money. 

8. Auction Sites : you will need to have a product to sell but some very serious money is being made on well known auction sites every day.

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