various ways of making money online/internet

1. See the movie. Even if you are pretty sure it will be bad. You don’t want to just see movies that you know you are going to like.

2. Take notes during the film. Write down the names of the stars, director and screenwriter. Note the running time of the film and the rating.

3.Take time to soak in the film. Think about it for a few hours before you begin writing. Let your appreciation or distaste wear off a bit so you don’t write too emotionally.

Identify your audience. It is the general public reading a newspaper review, or is it a group of movie buffs that want to dissect every inch of a film.

Go home and write. Start with the introduction. Most movie review readers like to be entertained by the review, so think up a good line to hook the reader or a theme for your review.

Start writing the review. Include the basic plot of the movie and cover the major events but do not give away surprise plot twists or the ending. Movie reviews are typically 250 to 500 words.

Discuss relevant parts of the movie. Include your opinion of the direction, script, actors and photography.

Let your review sit for a few hours, then look at it with fresh eyes and edit it

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Advertising within and alongside an article is always related to the heading, tags and topic. Higher revenue is generated from ads that appear on pages with certain keywords. There are some advertisers whose products are appropriate for people searching for articles on these topics. Advertisers are willing to pay more when the targeted audience view their ads and click their links.

Every time an article appears in search results, there is a good chance it will be visited. The higher the ranking, the more attention it will get. For the article to appear in the top ten results, keywords must match what the web user is searching for.

Search engine optimization comes from using quality keywords in an article or review. Keywords can be single words, or common phrases, that people most often use when searching for the topic or product. Use a free Keyword Suggestion Tool to find the most popular ones, and try to include some words and phrases from lower down the list of keywords.

Keywords should appear in the title of the article, in the first sentence, and again in the body of the article. Never fill the article with repeated words and phrases, just include them naturally in your writing.

Some advertising revenue will depend on webpage visitors clicking the links or banners, so it is essential that the article will be visited by people actively seeking products or services advertised on the same page.

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1. Presentation: 
Make sure you know the audience you want to reach. Know your audience very well. Research what they like. Read what they like. Know them completely. This will not only perfect your writing (reading is an essential tool to sharpening your own skills), but it will make you an expert in the particular population you are targeting. 

2. Write every single day: 
Write, write, write. Write about anything and everything. When you feel you cannot write about anything you think anyone else would want to read - journal; write to yourself. This is essential to keeping your creative juices flowing. 

The more you write the more chance you have of reaching or creating a piece that is of interest to more people.

3. Post links to your blogs: 
Post links to your blogs EVERYWHERE you can: on a MySpace page, on a comment or message that you leave a fellow MySpace friend, and even on your own personal website. Find websites that allow free postings. Join writer's online websites, ie. and post links there. 

4. Make fliers: 
Advertise the old-fashion way. Make fliers. Post them at libraries, schools, bookstores, and other such locations that avid readers flock. 

5. Surf the Internet: 
There are new money making writing websites being created everyday. Keep your eyes open. 

6. Read, read, read: 
Reading helps sharpen your writing skills. Read what is already out there; what others are reading and what draws the most readers. Reading also gives you more information to write about yourself. 

7. Start topics of interest: 
Be the first to start a new topic. This generates automatic interest in your writing piece.

Articles on topics like health, fitness, insurance, finance, money saving tips and careers will always be in demand, and are searched for by people who will most likely to want to purchase something they see advertised.

News items, recipes and other forms of writing can also earn revenue, but are less lucrative. Current news, or the latest celebrity gossip, may attract a lot of traffic initially, and can gain some immediate revenue, but interest in the story will soon drop off. Advertising revenue will be limited, as readers of these articles are not looking to purchase goods or services.

Reviews about the latest music, movies, gadgets and games will also get some immediate traffic, but page views will inevitably slow down after a while. Reviews of travel destinations will always be popular, and can generate good revenue from the ads.

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To earn money writing essays, you should only submit exclusive articles to Associated Content. What this means is that the article that you submit should be original and it should not have been submitted anywhere else. The reason for this is that ASSOCIATED CONTENT offers you more money if the article or essay that you submit to them is exclusive.

 Whenever possible, include pictures with your essays. Essays that are submitted with pictures, receive a higher payment.

 Write longer essays. Essays that are longer are spread out over a number of pages and are therefore rewarded with a higher payment. So, if you can, try to aim for essays that are 800 words or more words long.

 To earn quick money writing articles, create a compelling titles for your articles and essays. The more compelling your title, the more page views you’ll get. The more page views you get, the more money you’ll earn. It’s that simple.

 When you can, write about hot subjects that a lot of people are either talking about or are interested in. Articles written on these subjects, will generate more page views.

 Write about controversial topics or write in a controversial way. Controversial writing, catches a lot of people’s attention and get more page views.

 Write on topics requested by ASSOCIATED CONTENT’s editorial staff. The staff at ASSOCIATED CONTENT will tell you the topics that they want essays on in their “call for content”. When you write on these topics, you can earn quick money for them because they pay you more - a lot more, in Associated Contentt. You can find the topics requested by ASSOCIATED CONTENT in your control panel when you log in. 

 Once you submit an article and accepted by ASSOCIATED CONTENT, bookmark your articles on Digg, StumbleUpon or other bookmarking sites. By bookmarking your article on one of these social bookmarking websites, you can generate a flood of traffic to your article, thus, giving you more page views and making more money for you.

 If you have a blog put links to your articles to those pages to earn quick money. By putting links on other web pages you can get more page views, thus quick money.

. And finally, if you belong to any forums, put links to your article in your forum signature to generate even more traffic.

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One of the best sites for this on the Internet is Hubpages. Hubpages is a website that allows anyone to write and submit articles for publication on their site. Hubpages are a great way to share your ideas and thoughts on just about any subject matter and post them on the Internet on a “Hub” or a webpage. And the best part is, they’ll pay you for it!

One ways that you can write articles for money with Hubpages is through numerous advertising options that you can include with your article such as Google Adsense, Amazon and Ebay. Hubpages make all of these options - called capsules, available to you when you log into their site after signing up for an account. Once you’ve written your article, you’ll be able to pick and choose which advertisement capsules you want to include with your articles.

Another way that you can make even more money for the essays and articles that you publish with them is through their Flagship Hub Program - which they recently announced as a way to encourage people to contribute high quality articles with relevant photos, videos and links. The payment for these articles of 1500 words are between $23-$35. For many people 1500 words may seem like a lot, but for any good high school or college student, this should be a breeze because it gives you an opportunity to put the writing skills you learned to good practice. If you haven’t learned to write a 1500 word essay yet, then get to work!

It’s not as hard as you might think. And when you’re writing about a subject you like, it’s actually quite easy. And if that’s not motivation enough for you, think about the $35 payment you’ll receive for every article like this that you submit. Plus, you can also earn an ext $10 on top of that through other incentives that they offer.

However, like anything else, the business of making money on Hubpages can be a little competitive. While for the most part it’s a friendly community, some writers can be a little cut-throat and would like nothing more than to eliminate their competition. Also, there are a lot of little tricks to the trade and various strategies that you need to employ to stay afloat.

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#1: Write for requests that interest you. Not only are these articles already in demand, but if one person wants them, most likely others do, too. 

#2: Add the commission into your sales prices. If you want to bring home $20 for an article, don't place a price tag of $20 on the article and concede the 35% to Constant Content.

#3: Decide how you feel about "Best Offer." You have the option of also allowing buyers to make a best offer price. I have mixed feelings. On one hand, you might get to make more sales, especially with "use rights" articles that you have sold several times before. On the other hand, you might get bid down a lot more, which kind of somewhat dulls the point of authors being able to set their own prices. Making the most money on Constant Content often depends on getting this part down right.

#4: Pay attention to trends and news. With the current economic downturn it's a safe bet that economics, mortgage,
budgeting, and other similar financial articles will probably be in demand. Holiday articles may only be good for one part of the year, but if you sell the usage rights then you can re-sell the same articles to new people every year.

#5: I've found that movie reviews of recent movies (as in just released in theatres) do very well, and so do movie list articles. Book reviews have done okay for me, as well, but not nearly the same level as the movies.

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Constant Content is a place where you get paid to write and sell articles. This is an excellent method of making extra money online that does not require the ownership of a website. 

How does Constant Content work? Basically it is a growing community for individuals, webmasters and companies to buy and sell articles and other types of contents. 

You can earn some commission by selling unique article that you have written. 

Basically, in order to start earning, you will first need to register as an author member with them.
Essentially there are 3 levels of selling an article. These 3 levels are:

1. Usage Purchase. This is when an article can be sold more than once on

2. Unique Purchase. This is when the buyer buys outright the information that is desired. Once it is being purchased for the first time, it is removed from Constant Content. 

3. Full Rights Purchase. In addition to the conditions of Unique Purchase, Full Rights Purchase also allows the buyer to own the content and he/she can change the content, resell the content, take credit for the writing.

The different levels comes in different rates range. Personally, To me, I think that the first option which is Usage Purchase is the most profitable option; despite the fact that it reaps the lowest commission in term of individual purchases. 

Constant-content pay authors via Paypal. Once an accumulated earnings of $50.00 or more have been reached, the author will be qualified for payment.

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If you haven’t tried writing articles for Associated Content, then I suggest that you can also give it a try.

Go to associated, Sign up. You'll need to either use your real name or a pen name for your articles.

If you haven't already signed up for Paypal, visit to get an account. You will be paid through paypal when your articles are published. You can be paid via check, put paypal is alot quicker and easier.

To write and publish articles, sign into your account and click on "publish."

Here there are three catergories 

(1) Exclusive: The writers can submit their original, unpublished, articles for acceptance to earn an “upfront payment”. If accepted for publication after editorial scrutiny (which will take 1 to 2 weeks), the writer will get anywhere from 3 to 12 dollars per accepted article. Accepted articles cannot be published elsewhere by the writer and cannot be deleted from the site. Associated Content may also distribute the articles with its partners.

These articles are also eligible for “performance payment” (i.e. regular earning of pennies based on page-views they get) on a continuous basis.

(2) Non-exclusive: Here too, only original, unpublished, articles are accepted and are eligible for upfront payments, but the difference is that the writer is free to re-publish it anywhere else. Posted articles can not be deleted from Associated Content and the articles are automatically eligible for earning performance payment regularly. Sharing of articles with AC Partners is optional.

(3) Performance-Payment only: In this category, any qualified writer can post any number of articles freely and all such articles can earn performance payment. The articles need not be unpublished ones. The author is at liberty to delete his articles and also re-post his articles in any other site. Articles rejected for upfront payment too can be posted under this category.

Then, Follow the template to submit the article. For most articles, you will be paid between $3.00 and $20.00. I average about $4.50 for each article. however, the more views you get, the higher your payment goes, it an go has high as $2.00 for 1000 clicks. Remember, this is in addition to upfront payments.

You can write on just about anything. Share advice, tips, or reviews of restaurants, vacation spots and more.

It takes about a week (usually less) for your article to be reviewed and to receive payment.

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If you haven’t tried writing articles for Reviewstream, then I suggest that you can also give it a try. 
Go to, and sign up for an account. Click on the "Write Review" button at the bottom of the screen. On the left side of the new screen is a box for "desired penname." This is the name your reviews will be associated with. Enter a name, and click on "check" to see if it's available. 

Enter your penname again, and enter your email address. If you want to get paid, your email address must be the one associated with your PayPal account. 

Enter a review title and category. The title should be as specific as possible, and you don't have to worry about including keywords. If you're undecided between two categories, choose the one that you think would drive more traffic to your review. 

If you're reviewing a place (hotel, shop, etc.), enter its address. 

Write your review. For the best chance at getting the $2.00 rate, choose something to review that hasn't been reviewed before, is a product people will likely search for on Google, and is in what you think is a popular category. 

Rate the item you're reviewing. The rating is on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best. 

Decide if you want to be paid the "bulk" rate. The "bulk" rate is the 40-cent rate, which is always one-fifth of the "review rate." If it's OK to be paid $0.40, check the box. If you'll only sell your review for $2.00, then uncheck the box. If you say you're OK with being paid $0.40, your review won't be judged worse than it really is (in my experience), but if you're worried about it, you can always submit it first for the $2.00 rate only, and then if rejected, submit it again for the 40-cent rate. 

Click "Submit." You'll either get a message saying your review was successfully submitted, a message saying something bad happened and you need to click the "back" button and resubmit again, or a message saying your review is "not valuable." In the last case, this means your review was less than 250 words and needs to be longer.

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If you haven’t tried writing articles for Helium, I would suggest that you give it a try. 
In this site, you write articles that they want to publish, and they pay you for them!

All you have to do to start writing is pick your categories and subcategories. When you article is approved your account will be credited - simple as that. It's also a place where you can read articles on just about anything, so if you want to look something up, this is the place.

It's good to see a new generation of paid article sites coming up, and I really hope this one does well. It's about time people started making good money for writing about things they care about. Forget about those sites that pay you 50c per post, the best way to make money writing articles without going out and finding clients is on Helium.

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I saw this article below, and i thought that it will be useful. ENJOY........
Your writing is a product, and the better you make that product the more money you can make from it, and the better your chances of getting a good job writing. Here are 5 common writing mistakes that you need to know about. Focusing on avoiding these mistakes is essential if you want to improve skill. Writing all will-nilly won’t get you anywhere. click for more info....

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After writing and submitting your article to your site of choice, you have to promote your written article because without promoting it you can’t expect revenue to roll in. you can always write more articles to increase your revenue, but if you don’t promote your articles your revenue will be limited.

By promoting your articles it allows you to increase your revenue simply by increasing your page view.
There are several ways by which you can promote your article, here are some suggestions: 

(1.) Getting your article indexed: you manually submit your article web link or URL to the major search engines directories such as yahoo directory or the open directory project.

(2.) This refers to the process by which a written article or a web page is ranked by the search engine. Even if your articles are listed, you are not guaranteed that it will be highly ranked in the search engine queries.

You can improve this by:
(a.) Your keywords: search engine consider the frequency of your keyword in your article. It is a good practise to aim for a keyword density around 1-4%, this means that your keywords should appear once or four times for a 100 word article.

(b.) Links: search engines increase the value placed on your article and ranks it well when your page is linked to a popular social book marking sites. Sites like Digg, StumbleUpon can be used to setup links 

(3.) Other: you can promote your articles through your network of friends or social networking sites such as myspace, facebook etc or even online forums. And you can get more page views by having an attention grabbing title.

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One can make money online by just simply writing product reviews.
When you purchase an item/product from the internet or the grocery store, you can write a review about the item for several websites (lets say for a blog or for freelancers), but bear in mind that the reviews must be different.

Write a review about a product/item that is not expensive, buy the ones that are expensive and write a review about them. However the money you make from the review can cover the cost of the product/item purchased.

You can put a review about a new product with REVIEWSTREAM, or with Google adsense blog, but you must apply for a publishers account with Google adsense before doing so.

When you buy a new book or see a new movie you can write a review about them.

This site will pay you for every review you published, and they will not allow you to published your articles in other sites.

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In the internet, there are many sites that are built for one to sell articles online and here are some of them:


It is one of the best one can work with, and here you can sign up as an author and start uploading your writings. This site is very easy to use and you can sell articles, photographs, and videos.

There are three ways of selling articles on this site: (1.) Usage (2.) Unique (3.) Full right

Usage: when someone buys your articles, the buyer can add the article to a newspaper or
a website without doctoring the contents.

Full right: the article will be removed from the site once someone buys it, the buyer has every right on the article, and he can change everything.

Unique: when someone buys your articles, the article will be removed from the site and , the buyer can add the article to a newspaper or
a website.


This site is a web service for freelancers. Here you can write articles, songs, poetry, etc.
But this service is not completely free.


This site is an organisation that sells comic books, e-books, etc.
Here a page is created for you were your works are shown. When publishing on this site, the pages must not exceed a minimum of 24pages or a maximum of 800.


This site works just like lulu, but it will not create a page to show your works like lulu. And in order to publish and make the book visible on their database you have to pay for it.

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In the internet there are many ways or techniques of making money online, and article writing can be one of them.
Everyday people make 5, 7, or sometimes $10,000, just by sitting back in their chairs, and write about their favourite topic, and in the process, they watch their bank account inflate.

Writing articles online is like writing for any other publication, the only difference is the web content providers that freelance writes often writing on a regular basics.
One important factor that one should note is to abide by the word count requirements. Online articles vary from the ranges of 500 to 1000 words depending on the pay rate, and they are usually packed with keyword to help people and search engines when searching for their work.

The amount of money that one can make writing and selling online articles is unlimited, and most sites like ASSOCIATED CONTENT, will let you write on anything.

There are also, some other sites that can give you the opportunity to make money online writing articles, and there are some other site that can give you the opportunity to review a product, a website, and others.

Below are some important sites that one can check out:

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Online auction sites such as EBay are one of the most profitable means by which you can make money at home without having to invest too much or set-up your own website.

An online auction is much like a big online store, only that the buyers and sellers are composed by a large network of members all around the world that make up the online community. This means that you only need to sign up as a registered member.
Before you get started with selling through online auctions, make sure you set optimistic but realistic financial expectations.

If you want to make money at home solely through auctions, expect the road to be long and rough. Remember that for every successful online seller, there are at least a hundred who do not succeed. Thus, if you are new to online auctions, do not expect to earn thousands overnight. Instead, you need to build your credibility slowly and come up with your own selling strategies that will work for you.
Getting Started

Once you have the right mindset, you can move on and register if you have not done so yet. After registration, make sure you familiarize yourself with the feel, look and features of the auction site you choose for help visit Check out what things are being sold fast, and which are not. You can look at major sellers; check how they design their auction pages.

If you want to start small with minimal investment.

You can start to make money at home through auctions by selling things around the house that you do not want anymore. You can start with just a few listings in order to help you get used to the entire process, then work your way up with more items.

If you want to make money at home through auctions, it is good idea to stick with a certain group of products to sell. If you want to establish yourself in the auction world, you can quickly do so by associating yourself with a certain category (i.e. children's clothes, women's accessories, household items, etc).

If you already have an idea of what products to sell, you can look around for other sellers in the site which sell the same products. You can figure out how you can compete with them, most especially if you are dealing with major sellers who have been in the auction market for a while now.
Selling strategy

In every auction post you make, be sure to post pictures and accurate descriptions of the items you are selling. If you intend to make money at home through auctions, you will need to establish yourself as an honest and reliable auctioneer. Moreover, the importance of photos to go with your post can not be stressed further. People are always more comfortable buying something without the surprises. There are various strategies that you can adopt in order to make your items more sellable. Depending on your products, you can have promos, low starting bids, freebies, free shipping, combined items, and the likes in order to attract more bidders to purchase your items.
culled from

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How to Make Money Selling Your Own eBook

from wikiHow - The How to Manual That You Can Edit

Many marketeers just give away ebooks willy-nilly from their sites. By adding a bit of scientific thought, and a more targeted approach, these instructions can dramatically improve your cash flow.


  1. Allow other e-zine publishers or web site owners to republish small nuggets or excerpts of information from your ebook with your byline or ad included.
  2. Make extra profits from selling monthly updates of your ebook. You could also back-end sell the extra, never released chapters of your e-book.
  3. Give away a free ebook and then give people an option of buying the paid version of the ebook. Also, let others give away the free version of your ebook.
  4. Divide your ebook content into reports, then give people the option of just purchasing the info they want.
  5. Purchase reprint rights to other people's ebooks and combine them with yours in a large package deal or private ebook library web site.
  6. Change the benefits on your ebook ad copy into links. When people click on it, take them right to the order page. It'll give them the urge to buy your ebook.
  7. Charge people a cheap price to read half of your ebook. If they like it, they can pay full price to read the other half.
  8. Offer freebies that are related to the ebook you're selling. It could be free monthly ebook updates, free e-zine, free consulting, etc.
  9. Show your prospects a sample page out of your ebook. Just black out some of the important info. This will make your prospects curious to buy.
  10. Provide a low and high priced version of your ebook. Show benefits of each version side by side. People usually spend a little more for extra info.
  11. Offer the reprint rights to your ebook. You can sell the rights with the regular purchase price or as a separate higher price.
  12. Make your ebook available for offline people. You could turn it into a print book, report, video, audio book, print newsletter, etc.
  13. Redesign your ebook for specific niches. You can create multiple profits with very little work. Ex: Turn a business ebook into a craft business ebook.
  14. Give your prospects discount coupons on other products when they purchase your ebook. It could be your products or others that you made deals with.
  15. Divide your ebook into online newsletter issues. You could charge a recurring monthly subscription for people to view each issue.


  • Learn from those who are already successful. Also learn how to market correctly and professionaly.


  • Beware of those that might steal your ideas if they are original. Also you must be aware not to spend lots of money on advertising on initial start up. You should constantly test and alter...test and alter.

Related wikiHows

Article provided by wikiHow, a wiki how-to manual. Please edit this article and find author credits at the original wikiHow article on How to Make Money Selling Your Own eBook. All content on wikiHow can be shared under a Creative Commons license.

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How to Start an Internet Auction Business

by IGBOKWE NKEMAKONAM | 8:46 PM in | comments (0)

1. Registering at these internet auction sites is a relatively simple process. For the purpose of this article we will stick to ebay. Ebay is miles ahead of the competition. In a distant second yahoo, which is very far behind ebay in terms of website traffic and market research.

2. The registration process is self-explanatory. You must give your basic contact information (your name, address, number where you can be reached, email address, and of course your credit card or other payment method). You will only be charged for any sales transaction fees that you incur as a result of your listing and selling items. Each auction site will have a list of their fees (these fees are very small).

3. Each site has a list of rules. They may differ from site to site. You will have to get a working knowledge of these rules. Print the rules out and study them, this will save you from future headaches. Some sites will even offer online tutorials to help you become familiar with the rules and how to buy or sell on that particular auction site.

4. Auction sites operate a little differently when it comes to honesty and credibility. They use a feedback system (which simply means that after every transaction the seller and the buyer rate each other on the entire deal: Great, Good, Excellent, bad, etc...). This score determines how reputable the seller and buyer have been. You will need to focus on doing business with people who have high feedback scores (90% or higher). Just starting out and not having a feedback score will make doing business on ebay a little more difficult but not impossible.

5. Placing a bid is a really easy process. Before you start placing items up for auction, I recommend that you buy a few items first. You can buy 3 or 4 items for less than $50 and this will build up your feedback score.

6. Putting items up for auction is just a little bit more complicated. When you list items on ebay, you must talk about them in a way that let’s your enthusiasm for the item show through (you want the customer to be excited from your excitement).

7. Your Title- this is your headline, this should grab the readers attention.

8. Your Item description-you will have to balance boasting about your particular item and being completely accurate about the condition of your items (being honest about flaws will not keep your items from selling). If you have negatives; alternate them with positive statements. Make sure that you have more positive statements about your items than negative statements.

9. Here is a list of descriptive selling words you can include in your description. Beautiful, great, fun, dramatic, pretty, fantastic, high-end, vintage, wonderful, powerful, elaborate, quality, and gorgeous.

10. Your terms of service are your policies for doing business. This will include: shipping and handling, how soon you want receive payment and of course the different payment types you will accept. Please ponder these decisions carefully, this is the terms under which you will do business. Keep your terms as simple as you can, if they are too long and wordy you may drive customers away.

11. You are now a internet auction business owner. Set your goals and aim high.

cross sell, if you have other items up for auction, make sure you have a link on each auction post to your other items.

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How to Make Money from Internet Auctions

If your business is not using eBay and other Internet
auctions, you could be missing out. Here are just a
few ways of generating additional income, profits and
cashflow from online auctions.

1. Convert Excess Assets to Cash

Sell personal or business items that you no longer
use. For example, are there slow moving inventory
items in your store? A major camera store chain sells
their slow movers, quite successfully, through eBay.

2. Buy and Sell Anything

Sometimes people put things out in the garbage because
they don`t need them anymore and don`t know anyone who
could use them. You can successfully sell some of
these items by Internet auction.

As well, if you pick up bargains from garage sales,
flea markets, importers, wholesalers, closeout dealers
or other sources, these items can also be sold through
online auctions.

3. Drop Shipping

There are suppliers who will ship one item at a time
for you. You don`t have to stock any inventory. You
simply pay your dropship supplier out of the money
you receive from your auction sale. They will ship
the product directly to your customer.

For further information about drop shipping, visit:

4. Self-Publishing

Do you have expertise in a specialized area of
interest to people? Then, you could publish your
own information product.

A very popular format for self-publishing information
products is the electronic book (or e-book). E-book
compilers, some of which are free, are readily
available on the Internet. When people buy your
e-book, they can download it from your website or
receive it by e-mail.

You could sell such self-published information
products on eBay and other Internet auction sites.
Incidentally, online auctions are an inexpensive
method of testing the market for your information (or
other) products.

For further information about self-publishing, visit:

5. Reprint and Resale Rights

You may not want to produce your own information
products presently. Or, perhaps, you may already
have an information product, but would like to
supplement your income with additional, related
product offerings. This is where reprint and resale
rights come in.

You can buy the rights to reprint or resell excellent
information products created by other people. Some of
these rights are inexpensive.

In addition to selling these products from your own
website, you can use Internet auctions to create
extra sales. Another advantage of online auctions
is that they can create additional traffic for your

For further information about reprint and resale rights,

6. Sell Your Services

Do you design logos or websites? Do you sell consulting
or other services? These, also, can be successfully sold
through eBay and other auction sites.

7. Run an eBay Consignment Shop

There are still people who don`t have a computer or who
don`t use eBay. You could sell on a consignment basis
for them, taking a commission on the successful sale.
You would need to charge for advertising expenses
incurred, such as eBay listing and selling fees.

8. Promote Affiliate Programs through Auctions

Some affiliate programs have brandable e-books that
contain your affiliate link. When people order from
the e-book that they bought from your online auction,
you get credit for the sale. As well, some of those
purchasers may sign up as affiliates, earning you
additional commissions.

Some of these e-books have valuable information that
is worth the nominal value you would sell it for on
eBay. In other cases, such an e-book is readily
available for free. In this latter case, you might
consider selling another related product and offer
the e-book as a free bonus.

For further information about affiliate programs,

9. Supply Fellow Online Auctioneers

During the gold rush days, it is said that those
who sold picks and shovels were more likely to make
money than those panning for gold. Similarly,
since there is such a big market for online auctions,
you can make money supplying eBayers with information
and auction tools to help them start and grow their
own online auction business.

10. Internet Auction Consulting

As you gain experience and expertise in online
auctions, you might consider charging for your

Consulting services, seminars, information products
and other ways of packaging your knowledge can
earn you additional income streams.

For more information about consulting, visit:

These are just a few of the ways you can profit
from Internet auctions.

For more information about Internet auctions, visit:

J. Stephen Pope, President of Pope Consulting Inc., has been helping
clients to earn maximum business profits for over
twenty years.

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Internet Auctions can be a great way to make money online. One can sell at the auction site, E-books, Used equipments/electronic gadget, Software (which u created), Collectibles, etc.

Internet Auctions, however is not a way of getting rich quickly, for one to succeed, you have to educate yourself with information’s about auctions, learn the potholes associated with it and avoid it, and (the most important) be patient.

In most auction sites your product will be described in a page created for u, but it is very important for you to create your own website, because it lets you describe you products in full details.

Advantages of internet Auctions

You have no limit on the amount of sale that one can make.
With EBay, you can get your products noticed immediately without having to pull people to your site.


You have to provide adequate customer service.
You have to pay a listing fee in most auction sites.

For one to succeed, you have to

Get or create the product you want to auction.
Create your website
Write a sale letter (because with it you can convince you visitors to buy from you
Accept online payment (Paypal or Clickbank can help).
Advertise your site

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A good reason for one as an individual to consider the internet based wealth/opportunities is that start up cost is usually low, mostly free in some instance.

You do not need to rent an office space or buy expensive equipment, you do not need to employ any staff to run the business, the only thing that one may require is an access to a computer and internet connection.

The internet offers thousands of opportunities for financial growth, and it is necessary for one to conduct extensive research before choosing any internet based opportunity.

Below is a list of internet based opportunities that one can embark on:

1. Internet Auctioneering
2. E-commerce on ebay
3. Affiliate Marketing
4. Internet Franchising
5. Web hosting
6. Web Design
7. Google Adsense
8. Email marketing
9. Professional Blogging
10. Network Marketing
11. Social Marketing
12. Paid Survey
13. Writing Articles
14. Foreign Exchange (Forex)
15. Amazon Reseller

in the next post, i will be explaning each of them.

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