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To earn money writing essays, you should only submit exclusive articles to Associated Content. What this means is that the article that you submit should be original and it should not have been submitted anywhere else. The reason for this is that ASSOCIATED CONTENT offers you more money if the article or essay that you submit to them is exclusive.

 Whenever possible, include pictures with your essays. Essays that are submitted with pictures, receive a higher payment.

 Write longer essays. Essays that are longer are spread out over a number of pages and are therefore rewarded with a higher payment. So, if you can, try to aim for essays that are 800 words or more words long.

 To earn quick money writing articles, create a compelling titles for your articles and essays. The more compelling your title, the more page views you’ll get. The more page views you get, the more money you’ll earn. It’s that simple.

 When you can, write about hot subjects that a lot of people are either talking about or are interested in. Articles written on these subjects, will generate more page views.

 Write about controversial topics or write in a controversial way. Controversial writing, catches a lot of people’s attention and get more page views.

 Write on topics requested by ASSOCIATED CONTENT’s editorial staff. The staff at ASSOCIATED CONTENT will tell you the topics that they want essays on in their “call for content”. When you write on these topics, you can earn quick money for them because they pay you more - a lot more, in Associated Contentt. You can find the topics requested by ASSOCIATED CONTENT in your control panel when you log in. 

 Once you submit an article and accepted by ASSOCIATED CONTENT, bookmark your articles on Digg, StumbleUpon or other bookmarking sites. By bookmarking your article on one of these social bookmarking websites, you can generate a flood of traffic to your article, thus, giving you more page views and making more money for you.

 If you have a blog put links to your articles to those pages to earn quick money. By putting links on other web pages you can get more page views, thus quick money.

. And finally, if you belong to any forums, put links to your article in your forum signature to generate even more traffic.

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