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After writing and submitting your article to your site of choice, you have to promote your written article because without promoting it you can’t expect revenue to roll in. you can always write more articles to increase your revenue, but if you don’t promote your articles your revenue will be limited.

By promoting your articles it allows you to increase your revenue simply by increasing your page view.
There are several ways by which you can promote your article, here are some suggestions: 

(1.) Getting your article indexed: you manually submit your article web link or URL to the major search engines directories such as yahoo directory or the open directory project.

(2.) This refers to the process by which a written article or a web page is ranked by the search engine. Even if your articles are listed, you are not guaranteed that it will be highly ranked in the search engine queries.

You can improve this by:
(a.) Your keywords: search engine consider the frequency of your keyword in your article. It is a good practise to aim for a keyword density around 1-4%, this means that your keywords should appear once or four times for a 100 word article.

(b.) Links: search engines increase the value placed on your article and ranks it well when your page is linked to a popular social book marking sites. Sites like Digg, StumbleUpon can be used to setup links 

(3.) Other: you can promote your articles through your network of friends or social networking sites such as myspace, facebook etc or even online forums. And you can get more page views by having an attention grabbing title.

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