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1. See the movie. Even if you are pretty sure it will be bad. You don’t want to just see movies that you know you are going to like.

2. Take notes during the film. Write down the names of the stars, director and screenwriter. Note the running time of the film and the rating.

3.Take time to soak in the film. Think about it for a few hours before you begin writing. Let your appreciation or distaste wear off a bit so you don’t write too emotionally.

Identify your audience. It is the general public reading a newspaper review, or is it a group of movie buffs that want to dissect every inch of a film.

Go home and write. Start with the introduction. Most movie review readers like to be entertained by the review, so think up a good line to hook the reader or a theme for your review.

Start writing the review. Include the basic plot of the movie and cover the major events but do not give away surprise plot twists or the ending. Movie reviews are typically 250 to 500 words.

Discuss relevant parts of the movie. Include your opinion of the direction, script, actors and photography.

Let your review sit for a few hours, then look at it with fresh eyes and edit it

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