various ways of making money online/internet

One can make money online by just simply writing product reviews.
When you purchase an item/product from the internet or the grocery store, you can write a review about the item for several websites (lets say for a blog or for freelancers), but bear in mind that the reviews must be different.

Write a review about a product/item that is not expensive, buy the ones that are expensive and write a review about them. However the money you make from the review can cover the cost of the product/item purchased.

You can put a review about a new product with REVIEWSTREAM, or with Google adsense blog, but you must apply for a publishers account with Google adsense before doing so.

When you buy a new book or see a new movie you can write a review about them.

This site will pay you for every review you published, and they will not allow you to published your articles in other sites.

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