various ways of making money online/internet

1. Presentation: 
Make sure you know the audience you want to reach. Know your audience very well. Research what they like. Read what they like. Know them completely. This will not only perfect your writing (reading is an essential tool to sharpening your own skills), but it will make you an expert in the particular population you are targeting. 

2. Write every single day: 
Write, write, write. Write about anything and everything. When you feel you cannot write about anything you think anyone else would want to read - journal; write to yourself. This is essential to keeping your creative juices flowing. 

The more you write the more chance you have of reaching or creating a piece that is of interest to more people.

3. Post links to your blogs: 
Post links to your blogs EVERYWHERE you can: on a MySpace page, on a comment or message that you leave a fellow MySpace friend, and even on your own personal website. Find websites that allow free postings. Join writer's online websites, ie. and post links there. 

4. Make fliers: 
Advertise the old-fashion way. Make fliers. Post them at libraries, schools, bookstores, and other such locations that avid readers flock. 

5. Surf the Internet: 
There are new money making writing websites being created everyday. Keep your eyes open. 

6. Read, read, read: 
Reading helps sharpen your writing skills. Read what is already out there; what others are reading and what draws the most readers. Reading also gives you more information to write about yourself. 

7. Start topics of interest: 
Be the first to start a new topic. This generates automatic interest in your writing piece.

Articles on topics like health, fitness, insurance, finance, money saving tips and careers will always be in demand, and are searched for by people who will most likely to want to purchase something they see advertised.

News items, recipes and other forms of writing can also earn revenue, but are less lucrative. Current news, or the latest celebrity gossip, may attract a lot of traffic initially, and can gain some immediate revenue, but interest in the story will soon drop off. Advertising revenue will be limited, as readers of these articles are not looking to purchase goods or services.

Reviews about the latest music, movies, gadgets and games will also get some immediate traffic, but page views will inevitably slow down after a while. Reviews of travel destinations will always be popular, and can generate good revenue from the ads.

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