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How To Earn More Money Online From Writing Articles


Advertising within and alongside an article is always related to the heading, tags and topic. Higher revenue is generated from ads that appear on pages with certain keywords. There are some advertisers whose products are appropriate for people searching for articles on these topics. Advertisers are willing to pay more when the targeted audience view their ads and click their links.

Every time an article appears in search results, there is a good chance it will be visited. The higher the ranking, the more attention it will get. For the article to appear in the top ten results, keywords must match what the web user is searching for.

Search engine optimization comes from using quality keywords in an article or review. Keywords can be single words, or common phrases, that people most often use when searching for the topic or product. Use a free Keyword Suggestion Tool to find the most popular ones, and try to include some words and phrases from lower down the list of keywords.

Keywords should appear in the title of the article, in the first sentence, and again in the body of the article. Never fill the article with repeated words and phrases, just include them naturally in your writing.

Some advertising revenue will depend on webpage visitors clicking the links or banners, so it is essential that the article will be visited by people actively seeking products or services advertised on the same page.

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