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Constant Content is a place where you get paid to write and sell articles. This is an excellent method of making extra money online that does not require the ownership of a website. 

How does Constant Content work? Basically it is a growing community for individuals, webmasters and companies to buy and sell articles and other types of contents. 

You can earn some commission by selling unique article that you have written. 

Basically, in order to start earning, you will first need to register as an author member with them.
Essentially there are 3 levels of selling an article. These 3 levels are:

1. Usage Purchase. This is when an article can be sold more than once on

2. Unique Purchase. This is when the buyer buys outright the information that is desired. Once it is being purchased for the first time, it is removed from Constant Content. 

3. Full Rights Purchase. In addition to the conditions of Unique Purchase, Full Rights Purchase also allows the buyer to own the content and he/she can change the content, resell the content, take credit for the writing.

The different levels comes in different rates range. Personally, To me, I think that the first option which is Usage Purchase is the most profitable option; despite the fact that it reaps the lowest commission in term of individual purchases. 

Constant-content pay authors via Paypal. Once an accumulated earnings of $50.00 or more have been reached, the author will be qualified for payment.

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  1. jrichards on January 24, 2009 at 1:27 AM


    Just wanted to give a quick update on the payouts from We've recently changed the payout structure so that we are now doing monthly payouts to anyone who has earned $5 in a month or more.

    We're hoping this means that lots more people get paid more often!


  2. IGBOKWE NKEMAKONAM on January 29, 2009 at 10:08 PM


    Thanks for the info



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