various ways of making money online/internet

1). Display relevant ads on your website.

i strongly recommend this monetization way. It is very easy and only relevant ads that are related to your website will be displayed. Example of ppc to use on your website includes bucaj, google adsense and the likes. Once there is a click on those ads, you will earn. Even a newbie online can create an income channel through this means.

2). Sell products on your websites.

you can sell other people's products like books, cds, tapes, e-books and other digital materials on your website. Just like yahoo and msn. They give the world free emails but displays and sells other people's products and services on their homepage.

3). Refer others to a website and get paid.

this is very easy because it is free to begin. All you need do is to join as many websites that needs people. Login, generate a referral link and banners and display them on your website. When a visitor clicks on those link/banner and registers, you will earn a certain percent of what they earn. Imagine if you refer an active webmaster of user and he puts extra effort to earn money every month, you will always earn through him even though he may be unaware. It could also be referred to as pay per lead.

4). Advertise other peoples website

if you website is sophisticated and highly trafficked, why not try advertising other people's website and charge them for it. Just make sure you charge a token for the service you render web owners and webmasters. You do not have to make millions from one person, but when you have over 200 advertisers, that is real recurring income that would come to you.

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