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If you have been in the business of making money online with Google AdWords, you have probably sensed that advertising has becoming more expensive online. After all, more people are using pay per click marketing to make money online, and that means you are going to have compete and pay more to dominate Google. What gurus won't tell you is that AdWords is more than just paying to show up for keywords on the results pages. The content network and other channels available on this service can help you keep making money for a long time to come.

Here are a few misconceptions about AdWords:

Content network is overrated: that is not further from the truth. There are thousands of people who are making money on the content network by optimizing their placements and setting the right campaign structure.
Banners are dead:banners are not dead as long you know where to advertise and what sizes to go for. There is a lot of money to be earned here.
Long tailing is overrated: another misconception about online advertising. Long-tailing can bring you lots of leads.
Campaign structure doesn't matter: the key to success with the content network is choosing themes for your adgroups. So your adgroups will contain more keywords under this system. Don't use the same search network approach on the content network.
Old school methods are dead: you can still generate leads with local and newspaper advertising. Don't let gurus tell you otherwise.
TV can still work: you can still work TV in your favor as long as you understand the costs and risks.

There you have it. People who fail to make money from PPC networks are focusing only on one aspect of the game. Try every channel possible to diversify and reduce your risks. You'll get more leads, and your business will be better for it.

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