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Taking surveys, for instance, can be very profitable. But you have to know which survey programs will actually pay you and which will just spam you with ads. So you have to find a program that is legitimate. You see, many 'paid survey sites' are just product companies trying to sell you something. But finding a legitimate program will not get you very far either. At an average of around $20 per survey (most surveys only take 10-15 minutes), that's "only" $40 to $80 per month. It's easy money, but that probably won't make a big difference in your lifestyle, right?

Consider the following scenario, which is what I recommend:

You register with 20-30 of the best paid survey and paid email websites (this costs you nothing)
Within a week you start receiving more paid survey invitations and paid emails than you can handle
You pick and choose only the best opportunities that fit your schedule.
You start making hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars a month!
But there is a problem with this. You see, you have no way of knowing which the top survey programs are and which are just scams. Trying to figure out which of the millions of email and survey sites are the best is very time-consuming and a waste of your effort.

Some things you should consider when signing up for paid email and survey programs:

1.Amount paid for each survey and email.
2. Email and survey volume.
3. Company privacy policies - I.E. they will not sell your email to other companies.

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